Sunday, 16 September 2018

Right Words. Right Mind. What Am I On About?!

Guys. Where do I begin?

Right Words. Right Mind. 

Positivity -> Possibilities -> Prosperity 

What do I mean by this?

The words we say matter. Every single one. Its implications mean everything in the long run.


Because others will remember both our words and actions – positively and negatively.

Words are not something that you can take back – in speech, or in writing. One mistake, and you could easily be ridiculed in the very least. And that is enough to affect you for the rest of your life. For better, or worse.

They say that there is a difference between what you were meant to say and saying what you mean. But, the bottom line is: Words carry their weight.

Disabled people, like everyone else, just want to be happy and get on with their lives. While there may be many physical barriers, the problem, and therefore the first issue to resolve is the lack of understanding around the negative language that is used on a regular basis around the disabled person in the first place.

If negative language is constantly used – this is something that can be easily internalised beyond repair for the disabled person. This in turn will mean that the disabled person will have issues with their self worth. Negative language SHOULD NOT be tolerated, even if it was a 'just a joke' - because it won't be in the long run.

If more positive language was used, this will encourage the disabled person to reach for their dreams – and not see their disability as an overwhelming, impossible obstacle.

And the best place to start with this is of course the disabled persons immediate circles. Family, friends, healthcare professionals - just people who the disabled person would want to have a major impact on their lives in a positive way. They need to be on the same page.

If they are on the same page from the very beginning, the disabled person should thrive.

And so, this is what my campaign is about – encouraging positive language to be used around disabled people so they feel motivated enough to go and chase their dreams if they haven't already due to the impact of negative language. It's for better mental health.

I am extremely lucky that I have experienced this concept myself, so I would love to extend it to others. Positivity is the key to this change. And this is the chain I would like to create:

Positivity -> Possibilities -> Prosperity 

Positivity: promoting regular encouraging language when talking to disabled people and talking about disabled people around the said person,

Possibilities: this should then motivate all parties to discuss the disabled person's dreams and aspirations - and find a way to achieve them.

Prosperity: the disabled person will be proud of their achievements, be happier in general, and be motivated to do more things to fully enjoy life - which is what everyone deserves anyway!

I, of course, have had my fair share of challenges. I will share with you my story, in the next post.

Watch this space!

And remember: Take the '-'t's' out of can't, shouldn't and won't - because YOU CAN, SHOULD, AND WILL!!!

Raisa X


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